I’d say we’ve got this kitten good and socialized!

I spent some time in the sun room yesterday evening, and this little guy was ALL OVER me! He just could not get enough attention.

Then, apparently he discovered that the inside of my ears are tasty. Even my yelping wasn’t enough for him to stop! But I got all sorts of kisses, too, so he is forgiven.

The black and white kitten with the black splotch by its nose was also loving attention, but didn’t hang around enough for me to get a picture.

I did get the other black and white, though.

I’ve managed to pick this one up once or twice, but most of the time, it just runs away. While I was sitting and not moving much, though, it was willing to also sit and just watch.

The brown tabby also doesn’t let us near it, but was accepting enough to curl up nearby, and even snooze for a bit.

I just love seeing all the babies!

The Re-Farmer

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