New babies!

I had just put kibble out this morning, and was continuing my rounds when I saw something very unexpected.

New kittens had emerged from the junk pile!

There are actually 4 of them. I saw a dark shadow of a kitten behind the chain link fence.

This was the first one I saw, as I startled it and it ran away from the kibble tray under the shrine.

These two were eating voraciously. One ran off as I came closer, but the other – the one on the left – did not. I was able to reach out and pick it up! It took about half a minute before it realized something was weird and it started to hiss and wriggle. I managed to give it a few pets before gently putting it back with the food.

I think it’s safe to say that these two are Sad Face’s babies.


The Re-Farmer

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