Hello, Mom!

Three of the four bebbies in the pump shack, running out to greet Mom.

This would be Junk Pile’s second litter. The oldest cattens in the yard are hers, and she pays no attention to them at all anymore!

Unfortunately, while I was watching them this morning, she looked like she was trying to lead them away from the pump shack. I really hope she doesn’t move them somewhere further away.

On that note, I did see two of Rosencrantz’s kittens on the junk pile this morning. I don’t know of they are back, or if they were just there waiting their turn for the kibble bowl. There is an older grey and white catten that shows up every now and then. It seems to be on its own, and I don’t know which mama it belongs to. For all I can tell, it showed up from someplace else entirely and discovered reliable food.

Last night, I also saw two dark kittens playing in the old kitchen garden. I believe they are Caramel’s babies. As far as I can figure out, those should be the last of them, but when it comes to yard cats, who knows?

The Re-Farmer

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