Changes in plans, and so many kitties!

What a crowd while feeding the yard cats this morning!

There’s a bunch of them that really prefer having breakfast on the roof! 😁

I counted 29 of them this morning! Unfortunately, I found the ramp board into the cats’ house was knocked down. I fixed it, but I think the bitty baby ended up spending the night under the cat house instead of in it. You can just see his head poking out near the counterweight, where I leave some kibble. Quite a few of the smaller kittens prefer to be under there.

Last night, my husband let me know that a couple of my orders were in at the post office, so once I finished my morning rounds, I headed out. One of the packages was the lysine powder!

I’ve got two of these, so they should last a while. Depending on how things work, I might order these every month or two. They came in almost a week early, so we still have tablets left, too. I think I’ll switch to the powder right away, though. I think it’ll coat the kibble better than what I get after using a mortar and pestle on the tablets. I’ll test it out when we do their evening feeding. I really hope this stuff works. Even the bitty baby is starting to get gooby eyes. 😟

A couple of days ago, I’d asked my mother if she needed any help with errands today. Especially for a grocery trip. She didn’t think so, but was supposed to call yesterday to confirm. She didn’t, but I did get a call this morning, telling me that she was good and didn’t need anything.

Several hours later, she called back. Was I still available? She figured we might get snow soon, and decided it was a good idea to stock up.

I think she got the flier in the mail and saw some good sales, which made her think of it, too.

Which as no problem at all. I had just finished lunch and hadn’t started anything outside yet, so nothing was interrupted. With having me available to help carry things, and her car to bring them home, she stocked up quite a bit. It’s just for herself, so she doesn’t really need much. Plus, we got to visit for a bit, and neither of us were in any hurry!

Once I got home, I had an adorable sight greeting me. A whole pile of kittens mashed into the cat bed by the east facing window of the cat shelter. I took a peek in the south facing window, and there were even more of them!

I’m not sure if there are 7 or 8 in here. The picture I took of the kittens in the other window had too many reflections on the plexiglass to see well, but I think there was another 4 or 5 on that bed.

You can see the bitty baby right by the window above, next to Colin. Most of the white and grey cats are hard to tell apart, but Colin (Mochrie) has a distinctive “hairline” on his forehead. He’s also the only one of the grey and whites that is mostly socialized. There is one other that we can sometimes, almost, sortof, pet, but that’s it!

I think we need more cat beds for inside their shelter. πŸ˜„

The Re-Farmer

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