Testing, and Plushy cuddles!

While tending to the cats’ food and water this morning (I counted 30 this morning), I made sure to set up the big heated water bowl to test it out. After all, it spontaneously stopped working last winter. Maybe it’ll spontaneously start working for this winter!

The cord is shorter than with the other one, so I had to set it up in the kibble house. Which Tuxedo found very perplexing!

I’ll check it later on today to see if the ice along the sides has started to thaw.

I had to go in and out of the sun room a lot this morning and cats got in, so I left the doors open while I continued my rounds. I still ended up with 8 kittens, plus Rolando Moon, following me up the driveway!

At some point, we will be allowing the cats into the sun room more often, if only to use it as a recovery ward, so I moved a floor mat that had been outside, into the sun room, under the swing bench. The mat used to be in the entry of the house, by the laundry, along with another smaller one, but they were more in the way than anything else. When we moved them outside to beat the dust out of them, they never made it back in. In the sun room, the large mat will be enough to keep little paws protected from the cold concrete.

Or my husband’s feet, if he decides to spend some time in the sun room. He has a terrible habit of going in there bare foot. 😉

When I was ready to come inside, I didn’t want to chase the cats out. Especially the ones that aren’t really socialized, since that would make them trust me less. So I decided to sit on the swing bench for a while.

Plushy decided this would be a good time to test my tolerance!

Yeah, she looks so calm and adorable here. She lies! She kept twisting and turning and spinning around – and trying to eat my fingers! She hasn’t quite figured out the difference between a love nip, and a chomp!

She’d had a large matt in her fur between her back legs. I’m happy to say it’s gone now. I think some burrs got caught in her fur, and she got them out. That long fur is one of the reasons we really want to get her adopted out! I’d hate to see her fur get all matted, but it’s not like we’re going to be able to brush her regularly while she’s an outdoor cat.

Gosh, she’s such a beautiful cat! And, now that she’s finally been socialized, she just can’t get enough human attention!

The Re-Farmer


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