Silly kitty – and I got to pet the boy!

While doing my morning rounds today, I found myself having to fight off Plushy quite a few times. She was determined to have my full attention!

One of the things I decided to do was a modification to our outhouse, in the off chance it needs to be used in the winter. That seat is shockingly cold at the best of times. I’d see a video of someone building and outhouse in the woods, and what interested me was that their “seat” was actually a sheet of rigid foam insulation with a hole cut in it, that covered the entire seat box top.

That might actually be worth doing, but for now, I decided to just cut some insulation to fit the seat that’s there, and see how that would work.

Which was difficult, because Plushy would NOT leave me alone! She even climbed me and got up on the shelf.

She didn’t want me to take her picture, though!

I ended up fighting off a whole crowd of kittens, so I rushed through getting the piece cut, so I could close the lid before a cat fell in. Then I came back later with a tall piece to put against the wall, where the seat hits it when opened.

Even as I was taking the picture, Plushy jumped up and yes, she was about to jump in, but I managed to snag her in time!

What a silly kitty!

On a more pleasant note, while I was doing my rounds, I found myself being followed by this beautiful boy.

I tried to reach out to him and let him sniff my fingers, but Plushy kept bashing her way in between! I did, however, manage to get a few pets in.

Well, that was it for him! After some decent scritches, he went from being stand-off-ish, to running in front of my feet while I was walking, demanding more! I was even able to pick him up and carry him for a bit.

He is such a soft, thicksome boy! He and Plushy are siblings, but he is quite noticeably larger than she is. In fact, I think she’s the smallest of the litter. Especially considering she’s mostly fluff!

The Re-Farmer


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