An original!

What an incredible surprise I got in the mail today!

It’s a Milroy original oil painting, on wood.

It now hangs in a place of honour in our hallway. Steve is an old friend and former employer of mine, and incredibly talented. He painted this for me, because I post so many cat pictures on Facebook. From the letter he included “… I myself think they are evil to the core so I painted you a cat picture depicting a particular large and nasty one who is SO EVIL it has taken Ernst Bloefeld, the power behind SPECTRE in James Bond movies, and has turned him into the one who sits getting continually stroked whether he likes it or not.”

He made a metal paw print, heating it like an branding iron, to burn in those paw prints. Then he sanded them and painted them black.

I love it so much!!

The Re-Farmer


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