Our 2023 garden: onions update

Not a lot of garden related stuff going on, but I thought it was time to post another picture of how our onion seedlings are going.

They are really coming up well! So many, they’re actually lifting up the surface soil on one of the trays.

If anyone is wondering why I’m starting onions so densely like this, it’s based on how MI Gardener now does it.

We did this last year, and they did just fine!

I’m looking at the trays, though, and thinking…

We don’t have enough onions! 😄

As for the luffa, no sign of germination, yet. It might be a while for those, still.

The Re-Farmer


6 thoughts on “Our 2023 garden: onions update

    • Thanks!

      We had issues using garden soil, even when it was the garden soil we bought, which has 3 different types of manure composted into it. It got way too compacted, I think. A lot of my squash simply didn’t germinate that year.

      This year, I’ve bought actual seed starter mix. Last year, I used potting soil, and that did better, too. I had a 100% germination rate for almost everything!

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