Scraggly boi!

Would you look at this hairy little beast?

Of all the long haired cats, this one somehow managed to be the scraggliest. His fur doesn’t seem to be matting. I’ve often seen his fur covered in frost. It makes me think that, after being in the cuddle pile, his frost dampened fur go serious bed head. πŸ˜„

I so want to brush him, but he won’t let anyone touch him!

Also, the cats have knocked almost everything off the counter shelf, which was mostly containers of screws, quite a few things off the window shelf, and dumped numerous containers out of the cube shelf under the bathroom window. None of which we can properly cleaned up until the snow is melted and the ground dry enough to move stuff outside, and we can start closing the sun room doors again.


The Re-Farmer


3 thoughts on “Scraggly boi!

  1. Toonces knocked shit off my headboard. Then, while cleaning up, I knocked everything off the nightstand… and screamed in frustration!!

    PCB looks a lot like that cat. Her matts are all in the undercoat… and there are a LOT!!

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