It could have been worse!

Much worse…

This afternoon, I headed into town with my mother’s car (the last time I started the van, it started better than it has been lately, but now there’s a strange noise coming from around the alternator), ran a few errands, then met up with the egg lady. I got a couple of flats of eggs for ourselves, and a dozen for my mother. I didn’t have my usual large insulated bag, so I just put our flats in the back of my mother’s car. I then went to my mother’s place to deliver her eggs before heading home.

The highway home has a couple of places marked with signs to warn that they are bumps or dips. One of them – a dip – has been getting much, much worse. For some reason, the highways department just won’t fix it.

I forgot to slow right down when I hit it.

I swear, the car got some air time on that.

When I “landed”, I heard it.

From the back of the car.

A sickening “crunching” noise.

I was really dreading what I would find after I parked the car and opened up the back.

I was most definitely expecting something much worse! I didn’t even notice the bottle of washer fluid when I put the eggs in, since it is kept tucked into a hollow way off to one side, and the eggs were in the middle.

We just lost the one egg. Even the eggs underneath were okay.

I am not alone in wishing the highways department would fix that dip! It’s brutal on vehicles, and many people have complained about it. Someone even went a put a big home made sign in the ditch beside it, painted with the words “fix me!”

I’m just glad the damage wasn’t any worse today! 😁

The Re-Farmer


3 thoughts on “It could have been worse!

  1. “It could be worse” is a step up from, “It could be better”. 🙂

    The dirt roads around here get repaired by “magic”. It’s against the law for someone to just “fix the road”, but the county officials never seem to notice this work going on….even if they stop and talk with the person doing the unofficial work. 🙂

    The county does an excellent job maintaining the paved roads despite the tiny budget, so this all works out well for everyone.

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    • Our gravel roads were very well taken care of, from what I could see. I know some less used roads were lower on the maintenance list, but we now have a new Reeve and council members, and things have dropped off considerably. The highways, though, are a provincial responsibility. When they are good, they’re great. When they’re not… you get spots like this, ignored for years. 😑


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