While the girls took care of most of the morning routine outside, as they took their walk in the snow, they didn’t have the memory cards for the trail cams, so I took care of that later.

The winds were still high while I was about and about. Especially as I got near the end of the driveway. Guess what direction last night’s snowfall was being blown in?

Too funny!

At least with weather like what we had, we can be sure our vandal wouldn’t be out and about in it, so a covered camera won’t matter. The other cameras were sheltered and clear. Only this one is completely out in the open.

We’re supposed to get more snow and “snow showers” over the next couple of days. The south end of our province is supposed to get a heavier dump of heavy, wet snow. The temperatures are still supposed to reach highs above freezing, so it’s going to be messy!

I’m not complaining. As long as we’re not flooding, the moisture is much appreciated.

Today, I’m potting up tomatoes!

The Re-Farmer


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