Mead Baby 2.0: bottling day!

Today, we finally bottled our second attempt at making mead! I last wrote about it here, and you can follow links to the whole process we went through, here. (Links will open in new tabs.) Here is how it looked, after unwrapping the carboy from its towel (which served to insulate, as well as keep … Continue reading Mead Baby 2.0: bottling day!

Mead Baby 2.0: boosting fermentation

For those who have recently started to follow this blog (welcome!), here are the previous posts about our second attempt to make mead. All links should open in new tabs, so you won't lose track of this page. 🙂 Mead Baby, redux (includes links to our first attempt)Mead Baby 2.0: - active fermentation- it's a … Continue reading Mead Baby 2.0: boosting fermentation