This, that and the other thing

Today was one of those days that went all over the place! So this is probably going to be a very disjointed post! 😀 One of the first things I wanted to get done this morning was to call the RCMP, as advised by my lawyer, about the gunshots from our vandal's property. For non-emergency … Continue reading This, that and the other thing


Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Instead, I've just spent roughly 6 hours, going through old emails, video and image files, and transcribing voice mail messages. I'm not quite done, but that's it for digging through old stuff. If all goes well with my mom's car tomorrow, I'll be heading to court … Continue reading Tired

The kibble house is working – and creeper is creeping again

It started to snow last night, and continued all night. Where we live, it was still a light now - other areas got much more - but it was enough to be a test for the kibble house! The inside is completely free of snow. 🙂 Unfortunately, three of the containers were on the ground … Continue reading The kibble house is working – and creeper is creeping again

Left Hanging – on multiple levels

While doing my rounds this morning, making my way through the spruce grove, I noticed something dangling that wasn't there before. It looks like a section of tree came down during our recent high winds. But where did it come from? A surprising distance away, actually. It's the top of a mostly dead tree. There … Continue reading Left Hanging – on multiple levels