The cute, the creepy and the awesome

First, the cute! Lately, when I open the doors to the sunroom to get the cat kibble during my morning rounds, I have had company. Little Braveheart has been dashing in and out as I load up on kibble. Even Tabby has been coming closer, but not quite as close as Braveheart. Right now, I've … Continue reading The cute, the creepy and the awesome

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful day today, even if you had to celebrate it in a different way than usual. This morning, the basket was assembled, and I found an English translation of the traditional Polish blessings of the contents (my Polish is not good enough anymore!). Then it was time to lay … Continue reading Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter!

Belated Canadian Thanksgiving dinner

The Thanksgiving family dinner we had planned last month got rescheduled to today.  Since moving here, we did have one large family dinner, before Christmas or so, so it's been almost a year. I think it turned out rather well. I think Doom Guy agrees. He was so funny to watch! I actually started the … Continue reading Belated Canadian Thanksgiving dinner

A win for modern technology

What a night it was last night!  A night when we really appreciated what we can accomplish with our modern communications technology! Late last night, I drove my mother to meet a family member that was supposed to arrive shortly after midnight. Earlier in the day, I had been in contact with his daughter through … Continue reading A win for modern technology