Garden stuff update, and shortened term plans

With this being our first attempt to do any gardening since we've moved back to my family farm, we are learning quite a lot. One of those things is, there are a lot more rocks in the old garden than I remember as a kid! I had broken up some of the hillier parts that … Continue reading Garden stuff update, and shortened term plans

Gathering Data: future cheese cave?

Among the many things we are interested in doing in the future is making cheese. We already make yogurt cheese (see here and here) whenever we make yogurt, which can be used right away, but we're interested in making cheeses that need to be aged. Which requires a place to age them. Like a cheese … Continue reading Gathering Data: future cheese cave?

Walkabout – the East yard

I had done a walkabout yesterday, through our East yard, some of the areas just outside the fenced yard, and explored around the old gravel pit and pond.  I had my phone with me and took plenty of pictures, but then had technical difficulties uploading them to my desktop.  My husband was able to see … Continue reading Walkabout – the East yard

The Continuing Stoooooorry…

I finally have more progress on our saga with the movers. A few days ago, I spent some time talking with a lawyer about our options.  One of the things he mentioned was that, usually one would start an insurance claim, then let the insurance companies duke it out.  The lawyer can send a letter … Continue reading The Continuing Stoooooorry…