Looks almost like new…

Today’s big job; we were able to clear half the living room and start shampooing the green shag carpet.

When I was a teen, after several hot hours throwing bales, I would come into the cool of the house and lie on the rug. It was like lying on grass.  Except not in the sun and no bugs.

Only the sun part applies now.

While taking down the mirrors, we had to vacuum the back of one to remove a spider and years of webs. Then we had to vacuum the webs and dust off the walls.

Then most of the nails were removed.

The new tool kit is already much appreciated.

Once things are dry, we will move most of the furniture and tv to the other half and finish shampooing the carpet tomorrow.

Which is when the company is coming in to set up our internet. Let’s see if our second attempt at getting internet will work.

Then we won’t have to worry about finding that sweet spot with enough cell phone signal to post things.

On the window sill.

With the phone upright.

Not being touched by human hands.

The Re-farmer

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