Happy St. Catherine’s Day

Traditionally, today is our first day of the Christmas season.  We would start decorating the house and put up the tree.

All of which are in storage right now.

Theoretically, we could harvest a live tree from around the property, but there are enough fire hazards here, already.

Since we don’t expect our stuff to arrive until around Dec. 11 or so, I don’t know if we will bother putting a tree up at all this year.  Long ago, I vowed to keep Christmas and Advent as stress free as possible, so as not to distract from what we were really celebrating. Since every spare dime and more will be needed to pay the movers, food on the table and being together will be celebration enough.

No visits expected today. The girls will be taking a day off from the upstairs to help me on the main floor.

Just to give an idea of what they had to deal with yesterday, these are the stairs they hauled the big frankenshelf down.

Death stairs o’ doom. 

Thankfully, the door to the Old Kitchen is right at the bottom, so they didn’t have to manoeuvre around the bottom.

This is the shelf.

It only weighs a ton and a half.

There is an old record player with its speakers on top that I used to use. I don’t think it works any more.

Oh, and we almost didn’t have hot water again. The breaker tripped some time during the night. Which shouldn’t have happened, but it was just switched out with another, older, breaker. At least now we know what to look for, and what to do until it can be replaced with a new one.

The Re-farmer

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