Well, Crud

Today was supposed to be a bit warmer – the high was to be a balmy -20C this afternoon. After that, it’s supposed to scream back down again for the next few days, so I thought I would try again for a trip into town.

The van started no problem, but after about half a minute, it started making noises.

Different noises.

The engine itself sounds fine, and it wasn’t the alternator noise. It is probably a belt not liking the cold.

I dare not take a chance.  If something goes wrong, we are stuck.

Pay comes in tomorrow.  I hope to be able to get the van in to a garage and get it checked, but how do I do that if I dare not even drive it that far?  We don’t even have CAA anymore; we didn’t have the money when it came up for renewal this month.

Another thing to add to the list of things we need to pay for soon.  Not more important than all the fees to transfer our ID, vehicle registration, etc., over.

When we first arrived and the movers ended up costing so much more, one of my brothers suggested that my daughters just go and get jobs right away.

Well, wouldn’t that be nice.

First off, I’m not entirely sure where he thinks they can get jobs at the drop of a hat like that.  There is nothing nearby, and we only have one vehicle.  I was being volunteered to do the driving, of course.  I did that when we were living in a city, but it’s not the same out here.  We’ve never had this vehicle through a winter, yet, and with the noises it’s making, it doesn’t seem very reliable.  Rather hard to get to work without a reliable vehicle.

Most people who live out here do commute substantial distances for jobs.  Many drive the hour or so to The City.  When we lived in the area before, my husband did it for a long time.  We lost one car to a deer.  Another to a heat wave.

Yes, where we live, vehicles can be killed by extreme heat as well as extreme cold.

For my husband and I, we are pretty much okay.  We have an income, even if it is a fixed income that prevents me from getting a job myself, since anything I make would get deducted from his disability payments.  Once we get caught up from the move, we will be okay.  Our daughters, on the other hand, gave up an awful lot to come out here, including job prospects.  My older daughter’s online business took a hit from lack of internet, and my younger daughter quit her job.  Yes, they could probably find jobs in the area … eventually.  If they had transportation.  Each.

There is always the option to find online work.  Our data limit is less than a third of what we normally used before coming out here.  My husband spoke to our provider and made arrangements that took away the speed bottle neck that happened when we reached our limit, but it will double our monthly bill.  Granted, it’s only a bit more than we were paying for our cable/internet package before the move, so that’s not much of a problem, but there are still limitations to satellite internet that would affect what online work they could do.

We’re going to have to figure something out eventually.

For now, we need to figure out what to do about transportation in the short term.

I wonder if my younger brother will lend me his van again?

The Re-farmer

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