Testing Macro

Years ago, when we were more able bodied and had more discretionary funds, we were all quite into photography.  With changing technology, my husband acquired lenses for his smartphone camera.

The lenses are held in place by a magnet that holds it to a metal ring adhered around the phone camera lens. Last night, he placed a spare on my phone and this morning, I tested the macro lens.  This is one of the results.

I later tried to test the larger telephoto lens on the birds at our feed. Unfortunately, the weight of the lens was too much for the adhesive holding the ring in place, and it fell off before I could even zoom in to try for a photo.

I will have to figure something out for that, because I can see myself using at least two of the lenses, regularly.

I rather miss photography.  It would be good if we can get back into it, now that we’ve moved.  Our old equipment still works fine and is more than adequate.

The Re-farmer

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