Deer Drama

It has been very busy at our feeding station!

I had a sleepless night last night and had gone into the living room at around 4 or 5 am, unintentionally startling some deer.  After I had a snack and turned the lights out, I saw one had returned.  The moon was incredibly bright, casting shadows so sharp, I thought I was seeing two deer instead of the one that was there!

My husband posted a video of Mama and her twins, taken a couple of hours later.

After that, Hungry Girl showed up.  I think she’s starting to look less hungry!  Then off in the distance, through the trees, I could see a couple more deer coming closer.  After a while, I couldn’t see them anymore, but it was Hungry Girl who showed me where they were.  One little guy was gingerly making its way through the bushes.  Much to my surprise, she actually defended her space and chased it back.  Another little one tried from another direction, and she stood her ground there, too.

Then Mama showed up and chased Hungry Girl off, so that her twins could eat.

For a short while, all for of them were there, but the presence of the Mama and twins made Hungry Girl very nervous, and she moved away.  Mama chased her off a couple of times, too.

The twins are looking so round and fuzzy!  And Mama is a big girl!  I’m sure she’s taller than Barbecue, and just as sleek, though not as round an meaty.

Unfortunately, our camera has started acting up again, the motors refusing to focus and the shutter sticking again.  I was only able to get a few photos.  Here are the better ones.  I will check the images I got on my phone later and see if any of them are worth uploading, too.


The birds were busy, too, but I was only able to get one decent photo of this pine grosbeak.


Look at how fuzzy the twins are!  Their coats are so thick.  Even their faces look rounder.

Here is Mama with one of the twins.  You can see the burrs stuck under the baby’s chin.  They had burrs stuck in their tails, too.

Mama kept a very close watch on us in the window!

It think we should look into some sort of film coating for our window.  Partly so that the animals can’t see us inside, while we can still see out, and partly to reduce reflections, as birds are flying into the reflections of the trees on the glass.

Now, it’s time for me to go and start some sourdough bread baking.  My younger daughter had taken on the break baking role, but she’s not feeling well today, so I get to do it, this time! 😀

The Re-Farmer




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