Bumbles and Roses

Some bonus pictures for you today. 🙂

My mother’s white roses by the sun room have been in full bloom for a while, and the one in the flower garden has caught up.

The bumble bees are loving them!


I’m not sure what type of bumble bee this one is.  There are several types that are similar, and none of the pictures I was able to get show it well enough for me to say for sure.


This bee with the orange stripe is the Hunts Bumble Bee; also the Tricolored Bumble Bee.

Bumbles have always been my favorite bees.  I remember finding a bumble bee’s nest by accident, when I was a kid.  I was wandering around in the quarter section that my younger brother now lives on and noticed bees flying out of a hole in the ground.  It was awesome, to sit there and watch them.  Until then, I hadn’t known they had ground nests – I’d just never even thought of how they might nest before.


I wasn’t finding bees on the lilac bush at the time I took these, but WOW is that bush ever a prolific bloomer!  It’s just a mass of purple, and I can even smell it while I sit in my office!

I’ve tried to find out what variety of lilac this is.  I’ve found a variety that had similar flowers, but different leaves – and I’m pretty sure we do have that variety in another part of the yard!  With these, I can’t be sure, but I think they might be Dwarf Korean lilacs.

Whatever they are, they are gorgeous!

The Re-Farmer

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