Windblown clean up, and finding things

While cleaning up after yesterday’s winds, I did the usual circuit around the yard, including behind the storage house.

Funny how, no matter how many times we go through different areas, we still find things we missed before.

Somehow, I missed this.

It looks like someone dumped the lava rocks from their BBQ behind the storage house.

My parents didn’t BBQ.  Though I do remember seeing several old BBQs in the barn at some point.  I believe they are all gone now.

Well, it’s better than old cat litter and toilets, I suppose.


By the time I finished my round, this is what I’d picked up.

Yes, there is a wheelbarrow under there.

This isn’t everything, of course.  Just the stuff that was big enough that they would be in the way of mowing.  There will always be little stuff around.  I did end up getting a rake out to pick up what was under the Chinese elm outside the kitchen window.  They were all of a size I would normally leave behind, but there was so many of them, they would have hampered mowing, while also too small to be practical to pick up by hand.  That, alone, half filled the wheelbarrow.

Before I started cutting down the apple tree that fell, I checked the few raspberries we have, and found this lovely Painted Lady.


I’d actually seen another, larger, butterfly first – I don’t know what kind – but it flew away before I could get a photo.  This, and another Painted Lady were quite content to stay and pose for me. 🙂

After breaking down the fallen tree (oh, how good it is to have my little chain saw, and a supply of chain oil!), I took a look at the next closest apple tree.  It had a dead branch that I decided to take down as well, but on closer inspection, I noticed something.  This tree splits into 3 major trunks, one of which had split off to make a fourth that grew straight up.  The part that grew outwards had already been pruned back quite a bit, but did have new green branches growing out of it.  The part growing straight up was dead.  While I had noticed a few dead branches before, it was so hidden by the leaves of the rest of the tree, I didn’t see that the whole thing was dead.  I was able to cut it free and untangle it from the living branches, finding it much larger than I expected.   By the time I took off the dead branch, plus this dead trunk, the tree looked a lot less crowded!  Which should be good for the crab apples.  More light, air and room to grow.

While talking to my sister in law about their apple trees that they’ve been pruning back due to an insect infestation, she commented that apple trees seem to be very susceptible to problems.  Judging from what I’ve been seeing with ours, I tend to agree.  Thankfully, we don’t seem to have insect issues, but I don’t think the signs of fungus I’m seeing on so many of them is any better. 😦

Ah, well.  We deal with what we find!

The Re-Farmer

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