Die! Die! Die, already!!!

It’s amazing how quickly we went from “gee, that’s a pretty vine!” to, “this in an incredibly invasive plant that needs to DIEDIEDIE!!!!”

Case in point.

I went to clear the vines that had grown back in the tire planter under my mother’s Mary statue, as it was quickly being overtaken again.

I ended up pulling out this.


The greenery also includes some suckers growing outside the tire planter, out of the base of a tree I had cut back in the spring.

Those rhizomes?


They are almost all from under the lip of the tire, where they have worked their way around and around in ropy masses.  The two spots where the tire lip is deformed is where the bulk of the vines were growing out of.

I did not get all of it out, by any stretch.

To the left, inside the tire, you can see lots of little white dots.  Those are ant eggs.  I disrupted a nest in the process, and tiny red ants were scurrying around, trying to pick up the eggs that had come out with the rhizomes.


The area behind was also filled with new, viny invaders.  I wasn’t able to get any rhizomes out, though.

I think the only way I’m going to be able to reclaim this area it so either use some glyphosate (from my research, the only thing that will reliably kill this vine), which I might do in the short term, or remove all the dirt, take out the rhizomes, and burn them.

Long term, that’s what I’ll likely do, since I want to get rid of the tire planter completely.

On a more pleasant note;

I have seen one of Butterscotch’s kittens today.  It looks like she moved them to the area behind the old dog house, where the firewood pile used to be.  My younger daughter and I had been talking about them and came up with tentative names.  The orange ones are Flooftus and Pooftus, and the calicos are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

And we will never know which is which. 😉

The Re-Farmer

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