New toys!

One of the … fun… things about this old house has been the screaming bathroom fan.

Every time we turned it on, it would slowly start, making a whining, grinding, screaming noise, until it got up to speed.  Then the noise would stop and it would be the nice, rather quiet fan it was supposed to be.  Quieter than the newer fans we had in all three bathrooms of our old place (oh, for a second bathroom! LOL), in fact.

Well, it finally just up and died.

It was installed in the 70’s, so it’s had a good, long life! 😀

So my darling husband ordered a new fan.

Not just any, ordinary fan, of course.

This baby also has a heat light built in.  Which should be quite nice in the winter!

Now, we’ve never installed anything like this, so I’m hoping my older brother will be able to give us a hand.  He’s worked with the wiring in this house for many years, and is familiar with this house more than any other living person.  I would much rather take advantage of his knowledge while we’re still so new here.

Along with the fan, a couple of other toys came in.  Including this, for me.

It’s for when I’m out clearing the bush.

I can’t think of what I’d use it for with the work I’m doing right now, but…

Gosh, that’s pretty.

There was also hunting knives.

Six of them.

I’m not sure why there are six of them.  I’ll have to ask my husband when I get a chance.

(I just caught him on the way by; they’re not specifically hunting knives.  They’re intended to be used as throwing knives. LOL  Much larger ones than the ones I’m used to!!)

On the thought of finding things out, I sent photos of the new gate we built yesterday to my brother.  I also told him about the fence line I ended up pulling out along the tree line.

He tells me that the old fence line was likely more than 40 years old!

I have no memory of a fence line there, though I remember other things from that area.  I guess my thoughts that this fence was added after the trees were planted was backwards.  The current fence would be the one added more recently, to protect the trees from cattle, and the original fence is the one that was allowed to collapse and get buried in the thatch.

He also guesses that the old gate we replaced was about 20 years old.  So I’m probably right in that the posts and barbed wire pile I found off to the side were from the older gate.

There is going to be a lot of stuff like this we’ll be finding, fixing or replacing, over the next few years!

Though I would really, really prefer to be spending our pennies on getting a second bathroom installed. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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