Off the “get done before winter” list

Yay!  I can tick “straw bale” off my list of things we need to get/do before winter!


The renter was taking his bales off our field today, and this beauty was just delivered.

That is going to be enough for so many things!

The main thing is to cover the top of the septic tank – the other thing on the list is getting that emptied, and I’ve already contacted the company about when they’re going to be in the area again.  There will be enough to cover that entire corner.  I’ll be able to put a nice, thick layer on the small garden by the Old Kitchen.  The girls plan to rake some leaves to layer on to there today, too, so we’ll be able to build up lots of organic matter onto it.  This garden slopes, so I’m loosely planning to eventually build a low retaining wall at the west end, and find a way to do the sides as well, to level it off.

We will also be able to put new straw into the old dog houses the cats use as winter shelters, and insulate the outside of them, too.  I want to see if I can move those to more sheltered places, first, though.

We might even still have enough left to use the remains of the bale as a throwing target. 😀

Oh, I am so happy!

It’s the little things that make life good. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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