Gotta be careful!

Seeing our furry visitors, it reminded me that, when I was out in the yard earlier in the day, I had noticed the cat kibble was almost gone.  So I decided to top it up for the night.

We keep the kibble in the Old Kitchen now, so those were the doors I went through.  The kittens were on the swing bench – 6 of them!  They seemed to know I had food with me, which made their responses to me rather funny.  There’s Doom Guy, who comes right up to me.  The cautious ones, like Jim and Bob, sortof hang around, but are still not comfortable with me coming close, even with a bowl of food.  Then there are the super shy ones, who are clearly torn between wanting the food they can see I have, and wanting to run away from me, at the same time!

As I went for the outer doors, however, they all dashed ahead of me and started for the bowls outside.

Just to be cautious, I looked around, and sure enough, there was our Pepe Le Pew, hanging out by the steps of the clothes line platform.  Making himself look big at me!

So I put the food out for the cats, then got some video.

Just so you know, I am NOT really that close to him.  This is zoomed in a bit.

Getting back through the sun room took a little more time than usual. 😉

The Re-Farmer

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