Most of the kittens are pretty easy to describe.  We’ve got the tuxedo, Doom Guy.  The grey tabby, Corvo.  Two orange tabbies, Jim and Bob.

Then there are the calicos.  Or are they torties?  Or something else entirely?

It doesn’t help that one of them is double-sided.

Here is Rosencrantz (or Guildenstern), side A.

20181021.kitten,sideA This is side B.  20181021.kitten,sideB

It’s like two different cats!  When I see her (him?) from this side, I sometimes mistake her for Corvo, until I see the bits of orange.

Today has turned out to be remarkably warm – 13C!  Well above the predicted high.

Time to go outside and enjoy it. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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