Spot the kitty

It’s a lovely day today, and I had a whole crowd of kitties following me as I did my rounds – and more to greet me as I got back to the house!

Can you spot all four of them?

I even saw The Hand again today. Looks like she’s back from wherever she spent most of the winter. At least back more often. She always was the most elusive of our regular outside cats.

When I first went into the sun room with food and water for the cats, there were none to be seen – they were all out in the sunshine. I was pleased to see Butterscotch show up, outside the sun room doors. Her eye and nose are still leaky, but she is visibly more pert. I was still surprised to see her come up the path to join me as I was doing my rounds by the gate. She wanted up and kept wanting to rub her face on me, as she usually does, but she kept catching herself before rubbing the right side of her face on me. That’s the side with the leaky eye, so while sure she was doing it because it is sensitive in some way, I was really glad not to have it rubbed on me. As it is, I make sure to wash my hands very well before touching the inside cats.

Doom Guy is still making weird noises as he exhales. How I wish we could get these guys to a vet. We have zero funds for anything like that. 😦 At least most of the cats are actually doing very well. With the harsh winter we had this year, I’m a bit surprised there were no losses, even with all the shelter, food and warm water we provided for them.

I’ll be taking advantage of the warmer day today and heading into town this afternoon. Forecasts say we’re going to have a “cold wave” starting tomorrow, on through Friday. Looking at the expected temperatures, I was perplexed, as even with the wind chills, the coldest we’re supposed to get is -20C (-4F). Without wind chill, the coldest expected temperature expected is -12C (10F) tomorrow. I guess this is cold for March? My sense of what’s normal is a bit out of wack right now, after the last couple of months. Where we moved from is being hit by the polar vortex again, too. Our concept of what “cold” means is very relative right now! Meanwhile, the 14 day forecast has us going up to +3C, two Mondays from now!

I think that weekend would be a good one for a cookout. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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