At the Beach

My daughter had a short shift today, so once again I stayed in town. I had no errands to run, so it was a good opportunity to play some Pokemon Go. 😉

One of my regular stops is at a Pokemon gym by the beach, right where access to the ice road is. I saw some vehicles already there as I drove up that seemed out of place, now that there is no ice on the lake.

There were vehicles on the sand.

One turned out to be a little pickup truck, stuck in the sand, and the other a tow truck, there to pull it out.

I waited until they were done and gone before going down to the water.


Today was barely above freezing temperatures, with a wicked wind, so I did not stay out long!

On the way back, I could see this.


You can see how far out the pickup truck had driven onto the beach before the driver decided to back up, then got stuck. It’s back end had sunk right down to the undercarriage.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why someone would do that at all, never mind trying to drive on sand with an ordinary vehicle.

I see strange things while playing Pokemon Go at times! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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