Things have been rather hectic the past couple of days, to the point that I even missed yesterday’s critter of the day photo – I ended up driving my mother to the emergency and staying with her until she got the all clear to go home. She is fine, but she was scared about some chest pains. They never found what caused the pains, but once again, her heart is checking out just fine. They couldn’t identify what was causing the pains, so she had to go a regular doctor to start that process. :-/

In the middle of this, the girls took down a branch from the Chinese Elm in front of the kitchen window. The outside cats are going to miss their last easy access to the roof!

Getting it down took some doing. While one person used the extended pruning saw, the other pulled on a rope that was slung around the branch. This way, when the branch finally fell, it wouldn’t land on the roof, but get pulled away.

It worked. It landed right on my mother’s fancy lilac bush, but when I checked it later, there wasn’t a single broken branch on it! Very flexible branches!


That branch is as big as some of the trees I’ve been clearing out!


At some point we’ll have to take down the other branch overhanging the roof, but reaching it would require equipment we don’t have. Eventually, the entire tree will be taken down, but we don’t know when that will get done. Just getting this one branch down is a big improvement.

Later on, I cut up the branch, separating out the smaller branches for wood chipping, and some thicker pieces for the fire pit. While I was at the hospital with my mother, the girls cleaned it all up, including moving the remaining “trunk” over to the fire pit are to cut into usable pieces, there.

Today has been another high winds day, so I’m very happy that branch is down and the roof is clear!

The Re-Farmer

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