Unexpected find

This evening, I was able to get the other side of the first half of the gate painted, while the second half has been set up, scrubbed and washed, needing only to dry before it can be painted. It was still quite went when I went out to do my evening rounds, so that will wait until tomorrow.

One of the things I had to consider, when setting the sun room up so the moms could leave, but the babies stayed, was that other cats could get in, too.

Which Doom Guy did.

When I came through the old kitchen to check on them, he immediately ran in, only to find himself trapped when he tried to leave!

The kittens were not impressed, and neither was he!

I ended up having to pick him up and toss him out of the sun room, just to make all of them more comfortable! Then i went out to do my evening rounds.

While walking around the house, I made an unexpected find.

Walking past the concrete steps under the East facing door (which we don’t use), I saw what I at first thought was Butterscotch, lying in the mulch near the jasmine.

What is Butterscotch doing there? I wondered.

Then the colours separated, and I realized it was Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, and kittens.

After my initial surprise, I realized something looked wrong.

The kitten in the back looks okay, but that one in the front… !!!

An orange one went behind the stairs; you can just see its tail.

That made for three kittens.

When she had her kittens in the old dog house, there had been four.

But what on earth happened here!

This kitten was essentially blind, and didn’t move far, so I was able to touch it and check it’s eyes.

It’s really hard to see, but the orange one’s eyes were glued shut, too.

My younger daughter and I were able to pick up the two with the stuck eyes and put them in the sun room. She then waited to try and get the third kitten while I brought one of the next boxes back into the sun room, then sat and cleaned their eyes with warm water.

The kittens were hissing and spitting, of course – until I started cleaning their eyes. Then they stopped and seemed to take comfort in the grooming.

They each had one eye that was completely stuck shut, and another that was mostly stuck shut. By the time I was done, they had one eye completely open, while the other was mostly open. They can both see again.

We were unable to get the third kitten; I almost got it, but it slipped away and went under the concrete steps, where it is hollow.

The mother isn’t sure what to do, and has been hovering around. I’m hoping she will hear her baby’s cries in the sun room and jump into there. I’m also going to be going out in a bit, to see if I can get that third kitten.

Hopefully, the fourth kitten is there, too. We shall see!

The Re-Farmer

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