Kitty Status

Just a quick update on the new kitties.

Here are a couple of photos from last night.

After cleaning their eyes, I put the new kittens into the box nest, and they cuddled right up to each other.

That grey tabby looks as woeful as Not-Slick!

I think I’m going to have a hard time telling the orange tabby apart from Beep Beep’s orange tabbies!

When Beep Beep came in, she seemed rather okay with the new addition – you can see the new grey tabby by her front paws in the above picture.

When I checked on them this morning, as expected, all the kittens were in one big pile!

The new grey tabby is in the back, and his eyes are stuck shut again. He could hear a commotion, of course, and was growling away. I did not try to go near him. We’ll have to come back a few times throughout the day to check their eyes, and wash them as needed.

There is no sign of the new orange tabby. Either it’s under the dresser, or the mama managed to get it out before the door was closed for the night. I’m going to assume for now that it’s eyes will need cleaning again, too.

Beep Beep was with the kittens overnight and when I opened the storm door for the sun room this morning, Butterscotch was outside, waiting. She seemed to want me to move the “gate”, but eventually jumped in.

While going around to put cat kibble and bird feed out, I passed Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, coming around the corner by the main entry. I was happy to see her. When I went around to put the bird feed out, I did see her other grey kitten disappear under the concrete steps, so she has gone back to him. Still no sign of the 4th kitten, though. 😦

It’s unfortunate that we’ve split the litter up like this, but it’s the only way to treat their eyes. At least we know Butterscotch and Beep Beep are willing to nurse any and all the kitties, so we don’t have to worry about the ones in the sun room going hungry, even if their mom doesn’t jump the gate to check on them. Plus, they’re big enough that they can start eating the cat kibble.

We will keep a close watch on them.

The Re-Farmer

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