Today is a day of all kinds of progress.

And some not-progress.

Some progress is happening as I write this, but that will get its own post. 😀

Progress: mowing in new places.

After many delays, I was finally able to start mowing yesterday, only to have it start raining. Not that I’m complaining about rain, but it was just enough that I had to stop mowing, but not enough to be particularly useful – the fire ban continues.

So today I started earlier, before things got too hot, and ended up being able to mow in between the trees I cleared out at this time last year.

Last year, I’d used the weed trimmer to clear around here, and I still need to do that, but I was able to do quite a lot while on the riding mower. I had to be really careful, being on the lookout for exposed roots, hidden tree stumps, branches and rocks. Which makes for a patchy mow, but it’s probably been decades since this area saw a lawn mower!

When I was a kid, I used to be able to mow here, barefoot. Eventually, I want to re-establish that park-like softness. We’re actually thinking of moss instead of grass, and I plant to plant shade loving bulbs in sections, too.

I checked out the row of apple trees to the north of the beeches in the photo on the right. I couldn’t see a single flower on them. For all the clearing and pruning, they still can’t get enough light.

The other apples are in full bloom right now, as are the cherries next to the house, and the lilacs are opening up, too. The yard is smelling like heaven right now!

Not Progress: gate painting.

While I was taking my mother to her doctor’s appointment yesterday, the girls were kind enough to move the painted section of gate out of the way, so I could mow.

We are having unexpected problems.

For some reason, the pain isn’t curing. Even though it had more than 24 hours to cure when we flipped it to do the other side, placing pieces of Styrofoam under it to prevent scratching, the foam reacted to the tacky paint, and we now have damage like this, at each of the corners.

We can’t figure out what is preventing the paint from curing. It’s outdoor paint, so it should be able to handle things like temperature and humidity changes.

Well, it just means the gates will take longer to finish. We’re not in a hurry.

Progress: back gate and garden gate mowing

I was able to mow a lot more than usual in other areas, too. I was able to go outside the made driveway – another area I had to do with the weed trimmer last year – and this time, I was able to mow to the back gate. While making turns by the gate, I noticed the path through the grass that the deer made after jumping this garden gate.

So I mowed there, too.

We have no plans for using that gate right now, but who knows? It might happen. 🙂

Also, my forearms now have sun burn.

Thankfully, we have lots of aloe vera!

Progress: is for the birds!

There was more than human progress today! I noticed the swallow’s nest in the garage is now finished.

Soon, there will be eggs in here, if there aren’t already. More babies!

Speaking of babies…

Progress: baby bison!

While coming home from the post office, I stopped to get some pictures of our neighbour’s bison herd. Unfortunately, you can’t actually see any in the photo, but there are some newborn bison in the herd. This photo has some yearlings visible in there.

Progress: tree estimates done

The tree guy was booked to come by next week for some estimates, but he called and said he was able to come by today, if that worked for us.

It did.

I showed him the three dead spruces we will need to take down; two by the house and one by the garage. All three, including clean up (we plan to keep the chips and wood again) will cost us $500. He also looked at the Chinese elm in front of the kitchen. That one alone will cost $600, though we don’t need to take that one down any time soon. Chipping the wood piles is by the hour, so that’ll be $125/hour and, for what we have right now, he estimates 6 hours. By the time we are ready to do that, however, I will have added more, so I figure it will be more like 7-8 hours.

Not Progress: willow diagnosis

I showed him this old willow, and the amount of rot and damage I found when cleaning up around here. Sadly, there is nothing we can do for it. This tree is dying.

It is, however, a willow, so parts of it will likely hang in there for many years, yet. Willows are amazingly resilient.

The only thing at risk if it starts falling is a fence I want to take out, anyway, so we will just leave it be.

Progress: kitty eyes

I saved this picture for last, as it’s a bad photo and kinda gross looking. This is, however, taken after I washed the eyes of the new addition to the maternity ward.

Cat eyes look really weird when their heads are wet.

We’ve been washing his eyes several times a day. It’s got to the point that, when I pick him up (while his eyes are stuck shut) and lay him on my chest to start washing his eyes, he no longer struggles or complains. He sits there and lets me bathe his eyes until the get to about this point. Once he can see again, that’s when he starts moving around and wanting down. Which makes it rather hard to get a photo!

I’ve noticed that his eyes are getting unstuck faster each time I wash them.

Not Progress: the ongoing saga

Yesterday evening, the person we caught vandalizing our gate showed up at my mother’s place again. It was another incident of harassment and psychological abuse and attempted manipulation. Not something she needed after a doctor’s visit and a long day out! At least it was short. :-/ Unfortunately, while he has been told to stay away from us and the farm, he has not been told to stay away from my mother, since she lives in another town. I guess, since he can’t get at me directly without getting in more trouble with the police, he is now trying to get at me through my mother.

It’s not working, but that doesn’t seem to phase him.

So today, I spoke to the crown prosecutor on the case. Since it happened to my mother, and not to us, there isn’t a lot he can do. However, if my mother goes to the police and makes a statement, it will get to him, and be part of the upcoming court date.

This person is supposedly going through some sort of program and seeing a psychiatrist. That may be so, but if he is, it’s not helping at all. In fact, he’s already used that against my mother in a previous incident. She told him not to come back, after that one. Obviously, that didn’t stop him, either.

So if we want it to stop, my mother, who is coming up on 90 years old, will have to go to the police, make a statement, and possibly go to court to try and get a restraining order – which she probably wouldn’t get because, while he has done vandalism and is harassing her, he has not been physically violent.

The crown prosecutor was apologetic about how little he could advise me, but the main thing is that he is aware of it, and what advise he could give was very helpful.

We shall see what my mother is up to doing, and go from there.

And now, on to see what other progress is progressing… My darling daughter is in the process of replacing our broken range hood.

A challenge mostly because the original wires are very different colours than they should be. Plus, it’s a really disgusting mess under there. 😦

My daughter is really, really awesome!

The Re-Farmer

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