New range hood – part 2

Yes!! It’s done!

My darling brother happened to need to come out here for other things, so he was able to take a look at the wiring, and we got it done.

No more exposed wires, and now the entire stove top is lit up. The light even has 3 brightness settings, so we’ll have to pick up a dimmable bulb, so there won’t be any flicker.

The fan also has a variable speed adjusting knob; the previous one had a switch for fast or slow.

Also, here is the mystery wire that perplexed us.

I had a hard time even describing this extra piece of wires. It’s just… a piece. Of wire.

Why was it there?

My brother, once he saw it, was able to tell me.

It’s an extension.

I don’t know when work was done on the old fan, but at some point, the wires from the fan no longer reached the wires from the wall, and this piece was added. It’s about 6 inches longer than was needed, too.

Meanwhile, we tested the wires to ensure hot was hot, neutral was neutral, and we had the right voltage. Going through all the safety checks and precautions took longer then hooking the wires together. We don’t cut corners with that. Then it was just a matter of attaching the ground to where it belongs, applying a bit of anti-oxidant cream (also, it was confirmed that the new range hood wires were tinned copper – thanks, 53old!) and using marrettes to twist the ends together.

It just blows me away that there was that big nest of exposed wires before, when it should have just been two connections and a ground, covered.

So glad this is done!

And we can even keep this one clean.

Ah, the things I’ve come to appreciate since moving here… 😀

The Re-Farmer

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