Storms and stuff

Things got rather interesting, yesterday!

A series of thunderstorms made their way through our area. Our power flickered off and on about 6 times, that I know of. The first time it happened, I was on my desktop computer, when suddenly, it was off. !! Thankfully, I wasn’t working on anything that was affected by it.

I’m rather happy that we have power bars, everywhere!! 😀

I was hearing a constant rumble of thunder, so I went out to see what the status of things was. I got pictures of this storm that was blowing past us. The storm itself missed us, but as I was walking back to the house, the winds picked up like crazy. So much so, that while I tried to take some video, the wind almost blew my phone out of my hands!

During a break between storms, I checked the yard.

There were downed branches, all over the place. In the south yard, so many little branches came off the Chinese elm, my daughter needed to use a rake, when she picked them up this morning.

This is just what she picked up from the south yard this morning. Later, I’ll take the wheelbarrow around the yard to get the rest.

I just have to say it again. I am SO GLAD we got those trees taken down, and the power lines cleared!

We have taken to closing up the sun room at night, after hearing a cat fight happen in there. As long as one of the moms is inside, we know the kittens will be cared for, so we don’t try to find both of them anymore. Last night, Butterscotch was in the sun room when it was closed up.

This morning, it was still raining heavily as I got ready to do my rounds. Looking out the window, I saw Beep Beep, on the shelf outside the sun room, in the rain, staring through the doorway! I made sure to open the door as soon as I could, and she came in right away.

Poor thing was like a wet rat!

So was Doom Guy!

It wasn’t long before Beep Beep was on the blanket with a pile of nursing kitties. Doom Guy and the kittens aren’t happy with each other, so he was quick to leave when he hear me putting kibble in the outside food bowls.

Oh, that reminds me. Butterscotch had been behaving oddly, the other day. Meowing outside, clearly trying to get our attention and wanting something from us, while at the junk pile at the edge of the spruce grove.

My daughters kept coming out to check on her, and see what was the problem. One of those times, my daughter saw a little kitten butt, disappearing into the junk pile, while Butterscotch wailed away.

It was the kittens.

She wanted to show us the kittens. They were in the wrong place, and it was disturbing her! She wanted us to take them to the other kittens!

The girls couldn’t see enough to know if these were from the litter that had been under the concrete steps, or if they belonged to the litter we still hadn’t seen yet.

The one kitten we found is still in the sun room with his cousins. His eyes are getting better. They still need to be washed regularly, but they are no longer sticking completely shut anymore. I do wish his sibling were still there, but that one’s eyes were not as bad, so I hope the mom is able to care of it.

I later found what I think may have been a casualty of the storms.

The swallow’s nest is broken.

These nests break so easily, I wasn’t really surprised that it was down. I was a bit surprised to find it on the shelf by the wall, as it is not under where the nest was. This is at the opposite end of the main doors we keep partly open right now, so the birds can get in and out. It’s near the back door, which was open when the storms first started, though it was closed fairly early on. It would have taken one heck of a cross breeze to blow the pieces to where they landed!

At least there was no sign of eggs, yet.

My older brother came out today with a whole list of things to quickly do. One of them was dismantling The Pig in the storage warehouse, to satisfy the insurance company.

What a beast! My late brother built this stove to heat the shed, which he used as a workshop. Using wood burning stoves increases the cost of insurance significantly, so everything like this has to be undone, so they can’t possibly be used, with proof for the insurance company that it’s been taken care of.

It no longer looks much like a pig.

In between helping him with this, I was looking around near the shed.

It always amazes me, the things I find, even after I’ve gone past different areas, several times. Like this.

An old sink, with parts and pieces still attached, next to some old abandoned vehicles.

And then I saw it…

Another one…

Another toilet.

I believe this makes 5 we’ve found.

You can even tell that it was carefully placed there, with bowl and tank lined up next to each other, not just dumped.

It’s been there long enough that the toilet seat lid has a thick later of moss growing on it.

Why? Why are there so many toilets, all over the place?

So weird!!

While working in the shed, my brother found a very useful tool that he used to cut metal to make a cap for the stove’s chimney opening.

These are aviation cutters. They are strong enough to cut sheet metal. When he told me he’d found them in a box of whatnots in the shed, I took them to the house. So many tools have disappeared over the years, I’m happy to find anything useful!!

We may not have been able to work on the gates lately, but having them out and ready for painting came in handy for my brother.

This is what will be used to replace the J-pins my late brother had made for the gate, that our vandal took a sledge hammer to. These J-pins are the closest my older brother could find to replace them. The hinge part is shorter than the originals. My late brother had deliberately made hinges that the gate could easily be taken off of, never imagining that someone would take advantage of that to cause damage. So the new hinges will have pairs of J-pins. No one will be able to take the gates off without taking the pins off. This will require drilling new holes in the metal gate posts, and that requires precise measurements, which my brother was able to get today.

Also on his t-do list was to take measurements of the barn. They were originally planning to paint it, but are now thinking to have it clad in metal. They need accurate measurements to find out how much that will cost.

While they are figuring out the cost of that, we have started on getting estimates for a new roof. I’ve contacted 3 companies, one of which does metal roofs, only. We likely won’t be able to get it done for a year or two and, of course, we could expect the cost to change if it takes so long, but at least we’ll have a ballpark figure. Plus, I would add a buffer on top of the estimate, just in case they find hidden damage in the process.

It’s a start.

Lots done, and lots more to do!

The Re-Farmer

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