Transplants done, and keeping an eye out!

Happy Canada Day!

My daughter and I headed out a bit earlier than usual for her shift, but we probably should have left even earlier. Roads around her work were already being closed off to traffic, and people were setting up their chairs to watch the parade. Some were even already setting up in the cross roads! So it was a quick drop off, then I headed home. I ended up bypassing town and taking a different route to another highway, then back tracking, just to get out of town!

Which gave me the opportunity to finally do the transplanting I’ve had on my to-do list for a while.

The first thing I had to do was bring all the plants outside, then select which pots I could use. Most are missing their drain trays, but I knew I’d be able to re-use smaller pots as I transplanted their contents.

That 5 gallon bucket has a coconut compound. They come in bricks and expand dramatically with water. That bucket has only 4 bricks in it!

I used the rolling seat we brought up from the basement, and the wheel barrow to mix potting soil with water and the coconut. I used the coconut/potting soil mixture for plants that needed more drainage, like succulents.

Along with the big aloe vera, I transplanted smaller aloe vera that we’d brought with us during the move. The 4 of them fit in a mug during transport, and I temporarily shoved them in a pot I found with far too little soil, as a temporary measure. I didn’t expect to leave them there for over a year and a half! They now each have their own pots.

Some of the succulents and jade trees lost leaves during transplanting. These will propagate just by sticking them in soil, but I already had plenty. So I did this with the leftover soil.

This is an upside down insulator from a power pole that I had been sort of using as another water source for birds. We’ll see how this turns out!

Also, before my brother and his wife went back home, he did one more job for us.

He installed the security camera he bought for the garage!

I can now sit at my computer and look down the driveway, or move the camera around to look the opposite way. It even has audio capability, though my desktop doesn’t have a microphone hooked up, so it’s only one way right now.

I still have to figure out how to use it. For now, it just maintains a constant feed, but doesn’t record or save anything until I manually tell it to. I know it is capable of catching motion and sending files to my phone. I just have to figure out how to set that up.

Until then, I’ll still be using the trail cam.

My brother is awesome. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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