Gate posts: progress – first coat of paint done

Yesterday, we went into the city for the last of our Costco shopping. In the process, I swung by a Canadian Tire and picked up the cleaner my brother recommended to get rid of all the lubricant used to get the old hing pins off.

Gotta love all those warnings.


There were about 6 different types of brake cleaner to choose from, and since I’m just using it to clean the gate posts, not actual brake parts, I went with the non-chlorinated one. More because it was the cheapest. 😀

So last night, I took the bottom new hinge pins off and used the spray all around the bases. The instructions say to spray until the oil and grease comes up, wipe with a clean cloth, then leave to dry.

It most definitely did the job!!

I went back early this morning to remove the chain and top pins, so I could go over the posts with the wire brush again, then wash and rinse the posts before painting them. They were already quite dusty again.

If you look at this picture, from when my brother was measuring out where to drill the new holes, you can see how the original holes are a bit rough around the edges.

One of them was even slightly smaller than the others, and another had flattened parts and gouges where it looked like my late brother had used a file or something to round out the holes.

This is how they look now.

The bottom hole in this picture is of the hole that had the deepest gouges in it. My brother used his drill bit to tidy up the original holes, after drilling the new ones. That makes it easier to put the new hinge pins through. Nothing left for them to catch on. 🙂

The first coat of paint is now done!

I wanted to get that finished as quickly as possible, so the paint will have its minimum 6 hours to cure before I do the second coat. If all goes well, I’ll have that done tonight, and tomorrow we can put the hinge pins back on. Until then, we can’t put the chain up to close the gate.

Once it’s all painted, my brother will come back with some bushings and washers he picked up, and we can put the gates back up. I can also return my brother’s tools. 🙂

It will be so good to finally have that done!!!

The Re-Farmer

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