Kitten Heaven

I went out earlier than usual to feed the critters, making a point of opening the outside door to the sun room, first. This is what I found!

All 10 kittens, in one big sleepy pile!

That creamsicle one at the top left looks so displeased. 😀

Yesterday evening, I spent some time sitting in the sun room with them.

When they realized I was going to stay on the swing bench for a while, I got attacked by the wild beasts! This is about the only decent picture I was able to get, they were moving so much. They would climb up onto my lap and viciously attack each other, the draw string on my waist band, my thumbs, my knee, race up and over my shoulders… It was insane!

In the middle of it all, Doom Guy decided he wanted cuddles and kept trying to lie across my chest, but kittens kept running over him. Meanwhile, Dave wanted that spot, but ended up stuck in my hand, with a whirlwind of kittens and Doom Guy around him. He finally gave up and joined the fray. His brother, however, made his way up to my shoulder and just stayed there, looking out the window behind my head. 😀

What a wild bunch they are!

Before bed, I had to wash all the bleeding scratches they left on my legs, then slather the wounds with antibiotic ointment.

That is one down side of all these active little buggers! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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