Smoke on the Water

I was up earlier this morning, heading out to switch the memory card on the trail cam so I could check the files before heading out. I left the critter stuff for my older daughter to do later, since I was heading for the airport after dropping off her sister.

It was less than an hour later when we headed out, and immediately noticed a dustiness to the air – except it was in all directions.

There was also the smell of smoke.

As we drove to town, the smoke kept getting denser. After dropping her off and heading to the city, there was just no end to it.

After picking my friend up at the airport, we did some running around in the city. That’s when I got an air quality alert for home on my weather app, which also told me where the smoke was coming from.

No where near us at all!

There are major fires at the northern border between Manitoba and Ontario, and the smoke was being blown all the way to us!

Later, my friend and I played tourist a bit, before picking up my daughter, and checked out the lake.

The camera automatically cleaned up a lot of the smoke, but you can still see it in this photo. Even with all the smoke over the lake, we saw people out jet skiing around the beach area.

We’re supposed to get really hot tomorrow, then have thunderstorms and rain over the next several days. I hope we get lots of rain. This smoke is from the northeast of us, but just across the lake, the fire maps showed several out of control fires, as well as some that were under control or under watch.

Meanwhile, my friend left behind cold, overcast and rain that has been going on for months!

Some pretty wild extremes, just a couple of provinces apart!

The Re-Farmer

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