Current conditions – going up!

While working on my last post, my friend mentioned the weather conditions, so I paused to take a look.

29C, but feeling like 38C (that’s 84F and 100F, for you folks in the US), with 61% humidity!

No wonder going outside feels like walking into a wall of moist heat. That’s exactly what we’re doing!

Less than 2 hours later, I checked the conditions again. I got this screen capture just minutes ago.

The temperature is still going up! 30C (86F), feeling like 39C (102F).

The forecast over the next few days hasn’t changed (yet?). I’m driving my friend to the airport tomorrow, and we’re planning to go in early to play tourist a bit.

Somewhere with air conditioning.

We might be driving through thunderstorms!

Looks like I might be driving my mother through storms when I take her for a medical appointment in a few days, too.

At this point, a nice storm would be very welcome. More rain to cool things down and get that humidity out of the air, and into the ground!

Chances are, the storms are going to miss us again, but I’ll take the edge of a storm, too!

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Current conditions – going up!

  1. It was 43C at home today, but it doesn’t matter right now because I’m in western Montana about 20 miles south of the USA-Canada border. I forgot my passport and don’t want to get USA customs officers all annoyed at me when I try to come home, so… unfortunately….I won’t be heading into Canada this trip šŸ˜¦

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      • Sigh….the times have changed. When I traveled to upstate New York to meet my wife’s parents for the first time, the local border crossing was a pair of signs. The signs had 3 or 4 lines on them and if you didn’t meet the listed criteria one was supposed to report to the appropriate customs house in a nearby town….otherwise it was “continue on and enjoy your travels”

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