Critter(s) of the Day, and an update

Since we brought bitty little Dave into the house as a permanent addition, the other inside cats were not too sure what to make of this strange new presence!

Mama cat and DahBoy were mostly perplexed. Fenrir, on the other hand, was not a happy camper! She would hiss at him and sometimes even bat at him. Yet, she couldn’t seem to stay away from him, either, following him around all over the place, frequently.

He, on the other hand, was quite used to having large numbers of cats and kittens show up, so a few strange new cats wasn’t much of a big deal for him. He would sometimes run up to the other cats, much to their dismay, and had no problem pushing his way into their food bowls.

It’s been a week since he’s joined our household, at it seems we have reached a turning point.

Fenrir has gone from hissing at him, to at least accepting his nearby presence.

And butt cuddles.

How fascinating that the one cat that was the most aggressive towards the little bean is now the one that is most accepting of him!

In other things, my friend flew home yesterday evening, so we went into the city yesterday and played tourist a bit.


In air conditioning.

The heat and humidity was really something, but it did not translate into the predicted storms. Or even rain, for the most part.

Her flight, however, was delayed in landing due to a thunderstorm!

Today, they were getting more storms and cooler temperatures that I really hope will make its way to us. All the weather systems seem to either disperse shortly after crossing into our province – hitting one small city, repeatedly! – or simply missing us entirely.

Here, things were just a few degrees cooler than the last while. The girls and I drove to town and caught a bit of rain on the road, but there was nothing at home, even though we were still getting thunderstorm warnings and weather watches.

In other news, I got a phone call from the constable we’ve been dealing with regarding our vandal. There was a court date yesterday, and he wanted to know if the Crown let me know the charges were stayed.


No, they hadn’t.

He didn’t have anything about why this was done, but the Crown was supposed to inform me of this. So he called the Crown himself, then called me back! Which was greatly appreciated.

It seems the case was deferred to free up court time for things of greater severity. Our vandal has met various conditions and the Crown was not going to proceed against him.

The constable and I spoke for a while, as my main concern is my mother. He looked up the file my older brother had made, but there wasn’t much there to go on. As we talked, I described some of the things he’s doing to my mother, and he walked me through what things were crossing the line and actionable for them.

I also found out that things have changed in regards to which municipalities are covered by which RCMP headquarters. We are now covered by the town that’s actually closer to us, instead of almost all the way to the city! The town my mother is in, which actually has a small RCMP office in it, is now also covered by the town we are closer to.

Apparently, this switch was in the media, but we missed it completely, so I was very glad that he told me!

So that is basically over and done with. If the deferral means he still has conditions to follow, we don’t know. The charges will still be on his record, though, and at least now he knows we won’t let him get away with is behaviour. It’s my mother I’m still concerned about. I phoned her later this afternoon to work out when I will be coming over to take her to a doctor’s appointment. As we talked, she told me that she had come home yesterday to find a weekly paper at her door. It was the one our vandal had put a “memorial” ad in the classified, with a sideways swipe at us in the process. Two new editions have come out since then, so it had to be been him, making sure she saw it. I wish I’d known about it, when I talked to the constable. It showing up when it did means he had to have stopped at my mother’s on the way home from his court date! Of course, we have no proof that it was actually him that left it.

The problem is, she is completely missing what he’s really doing, and when I pointed out that no, this is not something nice he’s doing out of genuine caring for our loved ones, but to be mean to her, I got attacked for not putting memorials in every year, myself. Or why I don’t leave flowers and things on their graves. Which in itself is frustrating because the only reason she wants this done is for other people to see, just like our vandal. She had given me artificial flowers to replace old ones at various graves for her, not long ago, giving them to me with a comment that it was “… so people will know…”. It’s all just for show.


Ah, well. It is what it is. We shall see how things go with her, tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I hope that we will soon be hearing wonderful news. My great-nephew’s due date was today, but he’s being a bit shy right now, and sticking with Mom a bit longer. 😀

We’re so excited! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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