More growing things

While investigating the sounds of the visiting toms asserting their dominance this morning, another noise caught my attention.

A deep, continuous buzzing noise.

This is the linden tree, looking slightly paler than usual. That is because the upper branches are blooming, and there are so many flowers, you can see them more than the leaves. Pollinators love linden blossoms and, even from the ground, I could see constant movement of little black dots of insects. I tried to take some video, hoping to capture the sound, but there was too much wind. The digital zoom didn’t do well in capturing the insects, though when I uploaded it and tried watching it on the big screen, I realized I’d caught at least 2, maybe 3, hummingbirds!

Lower down, there are almost no blossoms at all. If we wanted to harvest the flowers, we would probably need a step ladder taller than what we’ve got and, frankly, it wouldn’t be safe to do it.

Ah, well.

Since I’m supposed to stay off my feet to let my toe heal (I’m not very good at that!), my daughters did the rest of the rounds for me. They found me a little present.

Our first ripe raspberries! πŸ˜€

They’d eaten some and brought some for me. The few raspberry bushes we have, have not grown well this year even though I did try to keep them watered as much as I could. Being shaded by an apple and a chokecherry tree isn’t helping either; they should be getting a lot more sun to produce well. I don’t expect to be getting more than a small handful at a time.

Even a little bit is nice, though. πŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

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