Trail Cam bird

I’ve been trying our trail cam out in different locations, with varying success. Of the trees in the area, some are too large for the elastic cords used to hold it in place, but I had smaller ones, so I tried different fence posts. Finally, I tried other tree that were smaller but were also growing at quite a bit of an angle.

I’ve since moved it back to where it’s been for almost a year, though the files I went through this morning are from being on one of those leaning trees. It had a bole I could use to level the cam out a bit. Unfortunately, I found it was a bit too close to get a full view of both the gate and the outside of the driveway. Plus, one of the fence posts was right in the view. It’s one of the posts that’s rotten at the bottom, so the only thing holding it upright is the barbed wire. The wind would shift it, causing it to trigger the camera.

I did get a very pleasant surprise, though!!

An excellent video of a bird that landed on the post! There’s a second one on the wagon wheel in the background.

The bird was digging into the rotten top of the post.

Where it found something to eat!

I look forward to when we can set the trail cam up at the feeding station by the house. I just love shots like this!!!

The Re-Farmer

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