Clean up: old wood pile – it’s finally done!!

Delay after delay after delay (and a bit of “I don’t have the energy for this”), this evening, I finally got back to the old wood pile area.

It’s finished.

There was so little left, it took less than and hour, and the only reason it took that long is because cherry tree roots are not just roots. They are tentacles from the depths of sheol. Bah!!!

Okay, let’s have some before and after pictures!!

Here is what the old wood pile area looked like when I first started, near the end of July.


You can’t even really see most of the pallet fence, hidden by the undergrowth.

This is how it looks now, though not from quite the same angle.

Next is the area showing the north side.


This is how that area looks now.

After cutting the remaining stumps of cherry trees and their roots (as much as I could) and hauling away 2 wheel barrow loads to the pile outside the yard for burning, and 2 loads dumped behind the old outhouse to basically compost away, anything else on the ground is going to stay there. I just raked things out to make it more even. Whatever we end up doing with this space, we’ll just have to remember that there might still be nails in there.

The dog house was moved just enough to get at what was under it. Hopefully, both dog houses will be moved to new locations tomorrow. I want to carefully move that table with its “art” display to a better location tomorrow, too.

There is a kitten on there in the photo, drinking rainwater from the soup bowl I found among the debris. 😀

There is also a little oak tree in there that I am leaving for now. Depending on how things go, it will either stay there or I will transplant it. A decision that can wait a year or two!

While I still need to clean up around the area as I continue to work the perimeter of the spruce grove, that may even wait until next year, depending on our schedule and the weather. The main thing is, it’s done! I have officially completely my modified goal for this summer. The old wood pile area is cleaned up!!!!

One more thing to check off the list! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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