Speed test

I have been trying for days to upload images, with very little success. We have had no real problems going online. It is just uploading that is an issue.

This might be why. 😒

At one point, during the doors test, the upload speed dropped to 0.01mbps.

Also, it took a couple of tries to upload this from my phone, too.

The storm continues and is expected to, through the night. While shoveling this morning, I checked the satellite dishes, and they seem clear. The wind is from the north, so they are sheltered.

Time to stay cozy and warm inside!

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Speed test

  1. Check or have checked the antenna alignment.

    The antenna alignment is usually more critical for the upload direction, so a slight misalignment can cause problems on uploads and not be noticed for downloads.

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    • With the winds, we have shut a lot of electronics down. Lost internet completely, but thankfully we did not loose power. Just got word that my brother was without power for the last 13 hours and just got it back now, so we are quite fortunate!
      Hopefully it’s just the trees again, and it will resolve itself when the weather clears. 😏


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