Winterizing progress: covering the car

It turned out to be a rather pleasant day today, if quite windy. I wanted to cover my late father’s old car while it was still nice out, though.

We’d found a huge old tarp in the barn that we used to cover the mulched area of the big garden for the summer. It was more than big enough to cover my dad’s car, so when we took it off the garden, we just set it aside in the yard until we could get that done. When the winds picked up and threatened to blow it away, I shoved it through the back door of the garage, which leads to where my mom’s car is parked.

It’s so big, it filled up the space! I ended up having to fight through it when I needed to get through to the doorway to where our van is parked. 😀

My dad’s car has been sitting here for many years. The only thing that was wrong with it was the brakes, but after this long, it would need more work to get it going. We’re not in a position to do that, but I also don’t want it to end up like so many other vehicles that have been abandoned here.

The front passenger side tire was completely flat. All the tires were low. I pumped them all up (with a hand pump, since there’s no way to get it near our compressor) first. That lifted the car at least a couple of inches. The flat tire still looked flat, because it has sunk so far into the ground!

The first challenge was just to get the tarp over the car! The wind kept trying to blow it off.

There’s a pile of rocks near the car, so I was able to grab a smaller one to weigh it down at one end. I had to step on the other end to get this picture. 😀

I also cut a small hole for the antennae to fit through. That actually helped keep it from blowing away, too.

This is most definitely a “use whatcha got” job. I had a couple of hanks of rope. Glow in the dark rope that I had bought several of for crafting purposes, and I still had two left. I used one to weave through the grommets around the edges of the tarp and pulled the whole thing together like a giant drawstring bag. There was still lots of excess tarp that I was able to push under the car. Well. Except for where the tires are, of course.

The wind was still whipping the tarp at the top like crazy, though, so I used the second hank of rope to tie that down a bit. I looped it under the back bumper, crossed the ends over the front end, then tied it down under the front bumper. I used the side mirrors to help keep the line from slipping upwards.

It’s a hatchet job, but it’s enough to protect the car from the elements for now.

One more thing I can cross of my before winter to-do list! 🙂

I’ve also been able to make arrangements to get another straw bale, so we can cover our septic tank for the winter, as well as insulate around the old dog houses for any critters who need shelter in the winter. I ended up calling our renter, as he was the person we got a bale from last year. I didn’t think he would have any, since he did corn this year (they finally were able to harvest it!), but hoped he could suggest someone to me. It turns out he still has some left, and will be able to deliver it in a couple of days.

Since he also happens to be a councilor for our municipality, I remembered to ask him about the sign on our road. The road has two names; the municipal name, which is my family name, plus the provincial name, which is a numerical designation. The stop sign that had the municipal name on it got knocked down and the sign with the name disappeared. (And I’m pretty sure it was no accident.) When the stop sign was re-installed, no new road name sign was put at the top. There is another stop sign across the road with the provincial number on it, but that’s it. I asked him if he knew if the name sign was going to be replaced. As we were talking, I was able to tell him there were originally 4 intersections marked with the name, but as far as I know, only 1 still has the road name sign. He wasn’t sure what the bylaws were for these signs. Years ago, when the municipality first decided to actually name the roads out here, land owners in the area were given the opportunity to name them on a first come, first serve, basis. Which means there are now a lot of roads named after families in the area. He told me that some people were apparently angry about what names their roads were now called, and would steal the signs! He thought that, because of this, the municipality made a bylaw that the land owners who originally got the names had to pay for replacements. He did know of one such sign that got replaced that he thought the municipality might have paid for, but he wasn’t positive on that. So he will look it up for me. It would be good for all the missing signs to get replaced. If it’s something we would have to pay for, he will find out the cost per sign for us, too. I really appreciate him being willing to do that for me. 🙂 He’s good people!

So if things work out as planned, I will soon have another thing to cross off the before winter to-do list! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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