A little secret…

I found out we had a secret space in our kitchen, today…

I was able to visit my mother this afternoon, and bring her the grabber I bought for her recently. We had a pot of tea, of course, and she brought out a sugar bowl with the tiniest of teaspoons in it. She commented that she had brought it with her from the farm, the mentioned there were more of them in the top of the cutlery drawer.

The what? Where???

The cutlery draw is really the only drawer that we are still using the same as it was always used. When my dad built the counters, he built in dividers into that drawer; for spaces specifically for cutlery. It’s right at the end of the counter, closest to the dining room, and unlike other drawers, it has always seen constant use. So it didn’t need to be cleared out like the others. In fact, we basically just added our own cutlery to what was already there.

According to my mother, however, there was another section in that drawer. In the back.

I had no memory of it!

Because of how the kitchen is designed, if we want to open that drawer more than a few inches, we have to stand to one side, because the end of another counter is across from it. It’s like a bottle neck that can be rather inconvenient; if anyone is using the counter over the drawers, no one else can get in or out of the kitchen. Still, we can see the back of the drawer, and there was no sign of another section back there!

Or… have we just never pulled the drawer out far enough to see?

So this evening, with the help of a daughter, we pulled the entire drawer out. That required one of us on each side of the drawer, because there is no way for one person to be able to open it all the way and keep a grip on it at the same time. Especially with what’s probably about 30 pounds of cutlery in it!

And there it was.

The secret space.

What an amazing thing!

There’s a power cord, probably from a kettle. A single beater for an electric mixer. There’s a knife with a strange, tiny, narrow blade on it. A serving fork. A tarnished silver souvenir spoon from Mexico. An unopened package of three small knives with serrated edges on both sides (grapefruit knives, maybe?), what appear to be a bunch of wood handled cocktail forks, and cutlery with brightly coloured plastic handles.

Which we immediately recognized.

They used to be ours! They got left behind during our last move out of the province, and we had completely forgotten about them!

The secret section has now been emptied and cleaned, while its contents await washing.

Now that we’ve done this, I have the vaguest of memories of this little secret space existing, but even while growing up here, we just didn’t go into it. My mother used it to store the stuff she didn’t use, and there they sat, forgotten.

Until today.

Too funny!

The Re-Farmer

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