What. A. Day.

So… things did not turn out as planned, today.

Not by a long shot!!

The plan for the day was, go into town and drop the cats off to get snipped when the vet opened at 9am, then head to the town our garage is in to start the process of getting winter tires through the insurance company’s loan program, then head home until it was time to pick the cats up at 4.

The first hitch in our plans happened before we even left.

I was heading into the kitchen to get water for the outside cats when I suddenly realized I was seeing food in the cats’ bowls.

The boys were supposed to be off food after 8pm the night before.

Somehow, my husband missed that detail, so he topped up the kibble in the morning, like he always does.

Will that be a problem?

We took the cats in anyhow and asked when we got there.

Since we had no idea how much the cats actually ate, the receptionist went and checked with someone. Nope. Too risky. They might throw up during the procedure, which can be very dangerous.

So that has been re-booked for next week.

After that, I drove my daughter home and she took the cats in, while I left immediately and headed to the garage.

There were so many vehicles in front, I found myself taking the last space still on the property to park in! There was just the owner, and he remembered our phone call. He got the information he needed from our van – including running out to read the tire size off a tire – then gave me some options. I ended up going for higher end tires, without getting rims. This time of year, finding rims in the size we need is more difficult, and there was only one option available. It would have added almost another $500 to the bill. The paperwork, with a 4 year payback plan (which can be paid back early without penalty), was done and the total is going to be just under $1000 for the new tires. Almost all of that is just the cost of the tires – though he gave me something to mail out to Goodyear, to get a $40 prepaid VISA card rebate, so that’s a nice little bonus. πŸ™‚

The next thing was to schedule the installation, and we settled on Thursday next week – which is the day after the cats go back to the vet. I made sure to put it into my phone’s calendar and sent invitations to both my husband and daughter, so it would be on their calendars, too.

That done, I stopped to fill the gas tank, so we wouldn’t have to on the way to my husband’s heart clinic appointment in the city tomorrow. I Skyped a quick update to the family from the gas station, then headed home.

As usual, I had to stop to unlock the gate, drive through, lock the gate again, then continue on to our garage.

There is a reason I include those details.

I pulled up to the garage, got out and opened the garage door, walked back to the van and immediately saw this.

My rear driver’s side tire, flat to the rim!

I couldn’t believe it!

The tire was fine at the garage. It was fine at the gas station. The drive home was smooth. Even at the gate, the tire was fine – if it had been flat then, I would have noticed it while coming back from the gate, just as I did coming back from the garage door.

So this happened somewhere between the gate and the garage door!

I moved the van a bit so I could reach it with the compressor hose and pumped up the tire.

That’s when these bumps could be seen.

Again, I’m at a loss. I’ve had damage like this before, but that was after we hit a log on the road, in the dark (by the time we saw it, it was too late; three of our tires ended up needing to be replaced, and they all looked like this). I haven’t hit anything. I haven’t even hit a pot hole lately.

When I stopped pumping the tire, I could hear the hissing of air escaping.


So I called the garage and talked to the owner again. He told me he would find a used tire for me, so he could fix it right away (otherwise, not only would it be more expensive, but he’d have to place an order for a new one and it would not come in until tomorrow, at the earliest). They don’t do towing, but he gave me the number of a towing company that is covered by our CAA.

It was the previous owner of the garage! πŸ™‚

I called him up and made arrangements for a tow. Because it is a back tire, he came with a deck truck.

This picture was taken an hour, maybe less, since I inflated the tire, and it’s almost to the rim again!

After I’d made all my calls and the tow truck was on its way, I was able to update my husband about the winter tires and coming back next week to install them.

That’s when I found out he cancelled his heart clinic appointment.

It turns out, he didn’t get the calendar invite I’d sent, so when I mentioned Thursday in my Skype message later on, he assumed I meant tomorrow, so he cancelled the appointment.


Well, what’s done is done.


I got a ride in the tow truck to the garage. The owner was no longer on his own, but he was still so busy, he just couldn’t stop. He still managed to squeeze me in between other jobs, and I didn’t even have that long to wait, all things considered!

And it only cost me $40.

So I have now had to replace 3 of the 4 new tires we got after buying the van, only 3 years ago.


There is a reason I am paranoid about tires! πŸ˜€ With our previous van, I’d had to replace flat tires several times, in just a couple of years – though at least one of them, I am positive was the result of vandalism.

But it’s done, and we’ll be getting all new winter tires next week.

What. A. Day.

The Re-Farmer

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