Hello, Friend

I discovered the cats were not the only ones enjoying the warmer, insulated sun room, this evening!

My original intention was to make sure to close the door to the Old Kitchen behind me as I went into the sun room, so the cats wouldn’t run in, but with our fragrant friend here, I didn’t open the door at all, right away.

It was good to see Pump Shack cat in the room, too.

After while, I opened the door and most of the cats ran into the Old Kitchen to start exploring, but Pépé wasn’t going anywhere. He didn’t like me hanging around, but rather than leave, he went behind the swing bench and settled himself in a corner! So I went in to top up the food and clean the litter boxes while he was there. The cats kept jumping onto the swing bench, though, causing it to move, so he eventually went to the corner behind the rocking chair.

I left and came back to top of the water bowl, and he was still there. Some of the other cats were creeping through all the mess in the Old Kitchen, so I hung around until I got could them all out. Pépé didn’t move! He was still settled in when I left.

Junk Pile cat was hanging around, too. I do wish we could catch her and get the burr out of her fur! It’s been there for a couple of days, that I’ve seen, already.

I’m really glad we got the sun room windows, and the outside shelter, done yesterday. Today wasn’t a lot colder, but we had a lot of blowing snow. Enough that we had to reduce speed when driving into town this morning. Coming home from town, I saw a vehicle on the side of the road with its hazard lights blinking. I was also seeing shadowy movement in the ditch. As I got closer, I realized it was people – and there was a car! It had gone into an area where the ditches are steep and deep. The people who had stopped on the road had gone down to help. One of them had to hold the driver’s side door open, so the guy inside could climb out! Just the angle of the ditch had the car almost on its side. The people who stopped must have seen it happen and were able to stop right away; if there had not been another vehicle, I don’t think I would have seen that white car in the white snow on the bottom of such a deep ditch unless I happened to look down into the ditch as I was passing it.

When I reached our own little hamlet, I noticed a lot of cars at the hall and realized today was the day for our community’s second craft sale of the year. I have never been to one since we moved back, and was wondering if this was something I could set a booth up in at some point. They had just started when I was driving by and the parking lot was already full!

So I turned around and checked it out. While trying to find a parking spot, I was excited to see a truck I recognized – my cousin was there, which meant he was likely at a booth selling his honey!

I was really impressed with the market. The place was jam packed with vendors, and there was some really excellent stuff available. Unfortunately, we have no budget for extra expenditures right now. 😦 I did have enough cash to buy a 3kg bucket of liquid honey from my cousin, though. We might do a small batch attempt at mead, as I recently acquired a 4L glass jug we can use. We’d need a 5kg bucket to do another batch in the carboy, which is about 24L. The house might be too cold to try it over the winter, though. We shall see.

As for whether or not I’d have a booth, I am leaning towards no. For starters, with so many vendors, just getting a table might be touch and go. Our vandal turned out to be one of the vendors, too, which would probably make things uncomfortable. Not that it would stop me, but why do that to myself if I don’t need to?

They’ll have another market in the spring, so I’ll have time to think about it.

The Re-Farmer

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