As I write this, I can look out my window and see beautiful, cloudless blue skies through the trees. The sun is bright, and I can barely see any movement in the branches to show a breeze.

This is deceptive.

That’s right. -26C/-14F right now, with a wind chill of -34C/-29F, having warmed up from the -29C/-20F and -41C/-41F wind chill when I did my rounds this morning.

Meanwhile, I took this photo of the sun room, just moments before taking the above screen cap.

Yup! The sun room is only about -6C/21F!

When we put insulation over the windows, one piece at the top of a south facing window got knocked down by the cats jumping onto the shelf across it. I decided to leave the top of the window uncovered to let in daylight, and maybe a bit of passive solar heat.

That combination of a bit of open window and insulation has resulted in a temperature difference of about 23 degrees in Celsius, or 35 degrees in Fahrenheit.

But do you think the cats are taking advantage of this?

Oh, noooo! They’re outside, running around in the snow! Earlier today, I heard some meowing on the garage security camera (which is a live feed). When I moved the camera to find where the sound was coming from, I found 5 cats, soon joined by a 6th, including Nicky the Nose, all in front of the garage, staring each other down!

Silly kitties.

The Re-Farmer

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